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I had a brainwave today and have been able to put it together and get it posted to the website already. As I was driving along on my way to the dentist, I realized that I had a black and white copy of the cover of Misfit McCabe which would make an excellent coloring page companion piece to the book. I don’t even know what made me think of it, but once the idea was in my head it took root and by the time I got to the dentist’s office, I knew how I was going to put it together and what I am going to do as far as marketing uses.

I have made it available on my Lulu Storefront site as a free download, as well as making it available on Griffie World with a link on the home page. I will include several copies with the marketing kits that I am getting ready to send out to local schools as well. I also figure I will post the link on some of the Young Adult reader forums, such as and Young Adults (& Kids) Books Central. I don’t have all of these things done quite yet, but I am definitely on my way.


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