Developing a Book Trailer for Misfit McCabe

I have been doing my homework today and looking up book trailers on YouTube as I try to develop a book trailer for Misfit McCabe. A book trailer is a very good tool for marketing and in today’s publishing environment, pretty much a requirement. I haven’t started the process for obtaining all of the pictures that I want to use, or music for that matter as yet, but am starting by viewing book trailers in the young adult/juvenile fiction genre to see what I think works and what doesn’t work in my opinion.

I have taken some of the information posted by Brenda Coulter on her blog
No rules. Just write called Promoting Your Novel: How to Make a Book Trailer. I will keep track of my progress and setbacks via this blog.

I have seen some things I have liked, and some things I definitely haven’t so, I am starting to compile my list of things I want to include in the trailer. I definitely want it to be eye catching and to POP!

On with the homework.

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