It’s My Turn

Finally! I can hardly get a paw in edge-wise these days. Mama has been working diligently on her book trailer and doing other things related to promoting Misfit McCabe, that getting time on the internet has been scarce for me. When am I supposed to look up new treat sites for crying out loud.

Yes ~ it’s true, I do surf the net searching for new treat sites. I am very picky about the treats I eat (only the yummiest please) and want to make sure I am up to date on all of the latest offerings.

We will be trying some treats from SpunkyPup sometime soon, so I recommend that you stop by and check it out. Don’t be startled when you access the site for the first time and the site guard dog barks a greeting to you.

Speaking of barking, Elsa was soooo loud today, it was annoying. She doesn’t like when Mama is in an area where she can’t get to her and then she sits there and yips in this ear piercing bark to get attention. I hope Mama breaks her of that soon, my delicate ears just can’t take that.

I think that with all of the talk of book reviews that has been going on in our house because my Mama got a great review from The Lulu Book Review yesterday, I will start reviewing websites geared toward dogs. I figure why not? I have excellent qualifications to do so. I am a dog, I have lots of opinions. . .what other criteria could there be?

All for now. Paws Up!

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