Interesting happening today (well to me anyway). Last night I wrote and posted an article on Author’s Den about the Lulu Book Review site. The intent of the article was to make the author’s at Author’s Den aware of the site. When you are a POD (print on demand) author, it is sometimes difficult to get a review for your work. I was very pleased to find this site, especially since it looks so well put together and already a lot of information is appearing on it for such a new site.

Anyway, the intent of the article was to hopefully entice some authors to take a look at the site and maybe, if they felt it was right for them, to submit their own work for review. Let me make very clear, that I am not affilitated with the Lulu Book Review site in any way at this time, and was simply helping someone who is helping out authors (as I see it).

Wouldn’t you know, but the first comment posted to the article was by someone who advised that they personally would not use the review site because there are so many nasty people out there, and if you get a bad review it sticks like mud.

Well, I did post a response back to that, but here is my candid response. If the person posting the comment had actually look at the site and read some of the reviews (as was my recommendation in the article), then they might have noticed that the reviews on the site are positive, and in fact there is a post stating that no negative comments would be posted to the site. A little ironic perhaps that a person cautioning against negativity is doing so in a negative fashion.

I would expect that anyone who would submit their work for review would first do an assessment of the review site, because not every review site is for every author. you need to make sure that you are submitting your work to a party who appreciates/reads your genre. For example, I would NEVER submit my work to a site which had an emphasis on romance/erotica because that is not what I write. Generally the people reviewing those do not necessarily read Young Adult, which is my main area.

Now to work.

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