Pineapple & Poop

Today’s topic is a little disgusting. It is about coprophagia (thanks to Gryphon for helping me look that one up) which means to eat feces. This is apparently a common thing among puppies, although I simply can’t believe that I even thought about doing something so disgusting. Well, it is a topic in our household, because Elsa occasionally partakes. Now mind you, she usually doesn’t eat her own, but mine and Gryphon’s.

Apparently, my Mama has read that if you feed a dog pineapple then it makes the poop taste terrible (like it doesn’t already taste terrible) and that will deter pups from eating the feces. Well, since Elsa prefers eating Gryphon’s and mine, guess who is going to end up having to eat pineapple?? I have lodged my protest already. I tried talking to my Papa about it first. I asked him if a dog who would eat poop won’t eat poop with pineapple, then doesn’t pineapple have to taste hideous to start with. He is under the impression that pineapple is tasty, so I really didn’t get very far with him.

So, next I tried Mama and told her I have a very delicate digestive system and really think that this who pineapple thing won’t be good for me. She told me that we will try it and if it doesn’t work, then we’ll have to try some pills, but she wanted to try the “natural” way first. Whoever said that pineapple was natural for dogs?? I ask you.

So having struck out on both fronts, I believe that pineapple is in my future. I’ll try it, and if it’s not too bad, I’ll eat it to help Elsa stop eating poop. Paws Up!

PS If I don’t like the pineapple, then I’m putting my Paw Down!

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