Technical Trials & Tribulations

Well, today we spent a lot of time over at GrandMuttMa and GrandPupPa’s house. They just had a DSL line installed and my Mama was installing the modem and software so that they could get up to speed online.

What should have been an easy half hour installation, turned out to be all afternoon and evening. The phone company messed everything up,which my Mama was prepared for as she figured it wouldn’t go smoothly because the phone company lost the order, sent a technician out for the wrong installation, etc. We at least got to sit on her lap as she was waiting someone in technical support to answer her call, which took over 40 minutes, so I almost took a nap.

Daisy has calmed down a little bit. She still thinks Elsa is a toy and pounces on her every move she makes though. She also gets over excited at the sight of a leash, even if it’s ours. We spent the time with our Papa, either out in the back yard, or sitting in his lap. All in all a pretty good, although somewhat stressful time.

Everyone kept worrying about whether my Mama would be able to get the issues wth the account resolved, but I had no worries. My Mama is good at what she does and I knew she would prevail.

So at the time of this writing, my cousin Daisy is now internet capable, but she’s still to young to be posting online yet. Plus, I think that she needs a little more self-control before they let her near a keyboard.

All for now, ’cause I’m all tuckered from running around. Paws Up!

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