The Food Game

All you two-legged creatures out there, listen up! When it comes to food, dogs like to eat and they may or may not like to share. Now, Gryphon and I have always shared our food. We either eat from the same bowl, although sometimes at different times, or take turns getting treats from our Papa (and extra scraps of food that we’re not supposed to tell Mama about.) Some dogs want separate dishes and nip at you just for sniffing it. They need to learn some better manners about how to treat guests in their house.

Now we do have a little bit of an issue in our house with Elsa around. Elsa, being a puppy, is supposed to have puppy food. Since Gryphon and I are more mature, we have food that is special to meet our needs. Well, I don’t know how many of you have tried food for the mature pup, but frankly, puppy food has it beat hands down for taste. Of course, Gryphon and I are not really supposed to eat that much of the puppy food, and Elsa is not supposed to eat ours, but here’s the way it works. Elsa eats our food, because she sees us doing it and she is such a copy-dog, she figures that anything we get, she should have too. Gryphon and I KNOW that her food tastes better, so while she sneaks over to our bowl to get crunchies, we’re sneaking over to hers.

Mama has just about given up. She puts both food into one bowl now and figures that at least for a portion of what we eat, we’ll be getting the right stuff. Our tactic is to eat the puppy food and leave the rest until they refill the bowl. That way we get more good tasting stuff and less of the bland, good-for-you stuff.

By the way, Elsa should really be named Piglet, because she eats any and everything. She gets really excited whenever Mama and Papa are having their food, even though knows that it’s not for her. She’s getting better about not jumping up, but she still likes to climb up on Papa to ask him for food whenever she can. This kid picks up sticks and rocks where we’re outside and tries to eat them ~ even if she just finished eating inside. Mama is working with her on not doing that, but Papa is just not as consistent. I will say this about our Mama, she does have an eagle eye, and watches us constantly. If we’re out of sight, even for a moment, she wants to know where we are.

Anyway, my message to you all is this. . . get to know your pups and whether they want to share or not, and then provide accordingly. That’s all for this post. Paws Up!

Copyright 2008 © Phoenix with a helping paw from Gryphon

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