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Tonight I took a little break from writing to assist my in-laws with the installation of their DSL line. I have finally brought them into the technological age. It took a little longer than it should have. . . ok – a lot longer than it should have, as the phone company canceled their account, but installed the line and sent them the equipment. It was a snafu from start to finish. But the good thing is that they are now up and running and it only cost me about an hour and a half on the phone (most of it waiting to talk to SOMEONE – ANYONE.)

The girls, Gryphon, Phoenix and Elsa, hung out with their Papa while I worked on trying to get the account issue resolved. They played in the back yard and ran away from their crazy cousin dog, Daisy. Ultimately, I did get everything resolved and everyone is happy.

I was even able to show them my website Griffie World, and this blog. What was funny to me was they apparently didn’t realize that I am working on the sequel to Misfit McCabe. They received a letter from a friend of theirs in Omaha, who happens to be a librarian and is currently reading my book and she had checked out the website and told them I was working on a sequel. I thought I had told them that – oh well.

It is gratifying to think that a librarian in another state is reading my book and liking it well enough to look at the website. Oh, the Omaha connection is that every year, my in-laws go to Omaha for the College World Series and they have met several people of Omaha and have developed friendships over the years. I think it is a great tradition and hope that it continues. Of course, they like it best when Cal State Fullerton goes to the College World Series, because that is our “home” team that we root for (and support in the stands).

Well – it’s back to the writing desk tomorrow.

PS – It was nice to see that Shannon Yarbrough saw the article that I wrote about the Lulu Book Review on Author’s Den. He also posted a comment along the lines of my previous blog, stating that not all reviews are positive (nor should they be or they would be meaningless), but his strive to provide a positive slant mixed with constructive criticism. As a writer, that is the best we can hope for. Someone to tell us what they liked, why they liked it, as well as what didn’t work quite so well, so we can improve upon it the next time.

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