YouTube Overload

We are running on YouTube overload here today. My Mama is doing research on book trailers so that she can create a book trailer for her juvenile fiction book Misfit McCabe and my Papa seems to be searching YouTube for the videos of what stupid people will do and want to show everyone.

It is amazing to me the things that people want to video tape and then broadcast to the world. With what my Papa has seen today, we should film Elsa eating poop and post it on YouTube, it’d be an instant hit. The number of people who have stun devices who use them on themselves and make a video of it is beyond me. Ok, we’ve all done stupid things from time to time, but really, do we want to share those things with the world? I, for one, do not.

The book trailers have been interesting. Some use actual video, with people playing parts, and others are a succession of photographs and other graphics mixed with music. Some have narration and others do not. I can’t wait to see what my Mama comes up with for her book, Misfit McCabe. I’m sure that it will be very creative. She has been searching for some pictures as well as some sounds and music, but has hit upon what she wants as yet. I’ll be right there guiding her, so I’ll be the first critic to review the trailer once she is done.

One of these days, I might even design my own. All for now. Paws Up!

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