Another Fun Weekend

Sorry for being away so long. We had a full weekend and I was just too tired to get to posting anything. I am working on my next website review, so watch this space for news of the next site to catch my attention.

On Saturday, we went over to GrandMuttMaw and GrandPupPaw’s house and spent time with crazy Daisy again. Elsa is getting close to playing with her, but Daisy is still so excitable when we first arrive that Elsa gets frightened and hides under things.

Papa wanted to visit to watch the Florida Gators play the Miami Hurricanes in football. Mama was still working on her book trailer, which she has now finished – I think it looks pretty cool, so you should check it out!

Elsa got a chance to just hang out in the backyard (sans Daisy) and had the best time just running around the backyard. We don’t have a backyard at home (no fences, so we always have to go outside on a leash) so it is a treat when we get to run free in a yard. Elsa runs so fast, she is just a blonde blur running around a course that she has mapped out in her own mind. I saw her having so much fun, I even ran with her a little bit.

My Papa just came back, so I have to sign off now. . .Paws Up!

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