Gourmet Sleuth Dog Treats Review

Here is my very first review of the sites that I run across when searching for dog treats. First of all, I should give my method for searching. It is actually quite simple. I open up a browser window (ok – all of you in the peanut gallery, I said BROWSER, not BOWSER) and in the Google search widget, type dog treats and then enter. The results come up and I selected one randomly.

The GourmetSleuth.com came up and it has several recipes for dog treats. Actually, dog biscuit treat recipes. My first comment has to be that I am look for treats to eat, not to bake myself. Plus, I am not allowed to work in the kitchen. This site really doesn’t do me any good, because my Papa doesn’t cook and my Mama doesn’t have time and simply won’t do it anyway.

In addition to recipes for dog biscuits, they have some dog food recipes as well. Let’s discuss the dog-likability factor of the page. There is a dog bone graphic at the top and they have books on dog recipes, kits for making dog treats, etc on the side bar, but other than that you wouldn’t know it was a site for dogs looking for treats. All text, no visuals of the treats themselves. No descriptions to capture a dog’s imagination, and frankly from the sound of some of the ingredients, you woulnd’t catch me eating them anyway.

Then there is the final reason why this site will not get a Paws Up recommendation from me. Apparently one of their readers let them know that some of the recipes that they have in their collection have grapes or raisins in them, which can be toxic to us pups. Their response to receiving the information was to post a blurb advising people to be careful that some of the recipes they are linked to could actually cause your dog harm. Did they remove the offending links? No they did not. How can they even hope to retain any measure of dog-friendlieness when they are posting recipes that could kill their supposed canine friends.

All in all this site does not have dogs as its primary focus and should be steered clear of for the best consideration of your pet.

On my Paw Scale (1 being low/5 being high), this site gets:

‘Til next time. Paws Up!

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