Misfit McCabe Goes to the Library

Today a co-worker, Mary Ellen, and I went over to the Cerritos Library during our lunch hour. Our goal was to try and see whether or not we could get the library to agree to stock Misfit McCabe on their shelves. If you happen to live in the area, the Cerritos Library is definitely worth a look. I could have stayed for hours in the children’s section alone. I think if we weren’t on our lunch hour and had a mission to accomplish, Mary Ellen and I would have spent hours there just gawking at all of the areas. We did our fair share with the short time we had.

Anyway, we were first directed to the children’s section, but then re-directed to the young adult librarian, Padmini. When we first arrived at the desk, Alfonso was the only one working the desk, but he told us that Padmini would be returning shortly, which gave us an opportunity to wander around a little bit more. Mind you, if I had actually started looking at the books themselves, we’d have been sunk. It would have taken a crow bar and a crane to get me out.

As we were wandering around, Alfonso actually came to look for us to let us know that Padmini had returned. Both Mary Ellen and I thought that was extra especially nice of him. I let Mary Ellen take the lead with the talking. . .it’s not that I don’t know how to talk in public, in actual fact, public speaking doesn’t bother me much, but I do get tongue twisted when trying to find the words to ask people to look at my book. Hence, my spokesperson, Mary Ellen. She and Padmini hit it off right away and developed a rapport as Padmini explained how difficult it was to have events for the young adult age group and have a reasonable turn out.

Padmini did take a copy of Misfit McCabe and is going to review and then get back to us. She is thinking about having a group of several independently published authors down to the library to give a talk (about 15 minutes per author), which I would love to take part in. One thing was clear, was that we will need to come up with an idea where I can partner with the library and come up with some scheme to get some behinds in the chairs. So, if anyone has any ideas on how to target the young adult age group so that they attend a function at a library, please send them on in.

The library has an acquarium that is going to be installed as well, so Mary Ellen and I will definitely be going back to see that.

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