Sharing Chews – 3 Makes a Difference

This will be short one as it is late and my Mama is wanting to shut down and make herself a cup of tea. Doesn’t she think I can shut down a computer by myself? I mean after all, I can certainly push these buttons.

Tonight’s topic is sharing chews. I don’t chew often, because if chew is fresh, it is hard and can hurt my delicate gums. I do like to get the beef basted ones though and lick them until the taste is gone. Gryphon and I had a perfect system that has been working for years. Mama would get us some chews and I would lick mine and Gryphon would start chewing hers. She’d chew on it until it would get all mushy (long after I had stopped licking mine), and then she would suddenly tire of it and leave it alone. That was my cue to hop down (I was usually on Papa’s lap while Gryphon was on the floor chewing away) and pick the chew up and enjoy the soft mushiness of it all. Later, Gryphon would come along and chew on mine for awhile, and once she had it good and softened up, I would chew on it a little myself. It was the perfect system. **Sigh**

Those days are gone. Having Elsa in the family has completely changed the mix of how these things work. She was enjoying a chew this evening and got it all nice and mushy, just the way I like it so it won’t hurt my mouth. She was done with it, and then when I started chewing on it, she kept barking at me in that high piercing bark she has. By the way, Elsa has a bark that can puncture your ear drums at 20 feet. It is that loud. I just kept chewing away and tried to ignore her because she needs to know how this thing works. She still hasn’t gotten beyond the wanting everything that Gryphon and I have stage and she thinks we should give it to her immediately.

Mama finally got her settled down and stopped her yipping, but I now have a headache and must get my beauty rest.

All for now, Paws Up!

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