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My next foray into the world of reviewing dog websites took me to The Poop – “the site where a dog can have its day.”

First of all, you have to like a website that calls itself The Poop. I happen to love double entendres. This site has a lot to recommend it, store, blog, pet adoption, recipes and more. While not being a specifically dog-oriented site, dogs are definitely featured. There are nice graphics to help the consumer find the appropriate store for the type of pet that they have. The pet store that is associated with The Poop is – America’s Pet Store on the Web.

This site really does have a little bit of everything. You can register your pet’s birthday so that on the day, the birthday greeting will be listed, participate in polls, voice your own opinion in the blog, and learn how to make food for your pets (although, as you know, I prefer my food to be prepared already as handmade food just isn’t happening in this household). There are actually links to even more things such as pet news. This is the one negative that I found on this site – there is so much going on, that on the main page it is not all apparently available. You have to go to the store in order to see the link for their pooppourri section which has a cornucopia of information sources.

All in all, a well worthwhile site to visit for pets and their parents.

On my Paw Scale (1 being low/5 being high), this site gets:

‘Til next time, Paws Up!

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