The Book has Launched

Today was a red letter day for me. A long awaited copy of Misfit McCabe has finally shipped. I will be getting the copy next week and will have the first hard bound edition in my hot little hands. What makes this one so special?

The completion of the production process on this special edition book marks the beginning of the of the companion project that I have been spending a lot of my “spare” time getting off the ground. While it will still be a couple of weeks for the remainder of the books to ship, Book 1 shipping out is a major milestone.

Some of you may be asking yourselves, so what is this big project anyway? “Where in the World is Misfit McCabe?” has been set up to chronicle the travels of 8 special edition copies of Misfit McCabe as they are passed from person to person. For a sneak peek while we are waiting for the remainder of the books to ship, please check out Where in the World is Misfit McCabe?

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