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When I first looked at Treat People, I thought the look a trifle plain. They do have some cute puppies in the header. They should have a picture of Elsa as a puppy, with her little nose-hawk. While the site design may lack bling, the treats they offer do not.

Treat People offers the canine consumer, just that – their selection of treats. The brands that they provide are Pet ‘n Shape, Greenies, BilJac and Newman’s Own. They primarily offer Pet ‘n Shape, which are billed as 100% Natural, Safe, Gluten Free, and Human-Grade. What the heck is human grade and why would I want it? If I want some “human” food, all I have to do is look at my Papa for a period of time and then he feels guilty and shares what he has, so there is nothing special about human grade around my house.

Treat People list their offerings along the side of the page, so you don’t have to hunt through the entire site, just to find their Duck & Sweet Potato (I love these) treats. The give you a run down on why they provide so many products with Chicken and Duck. There is a page explaining why they are promoting the Pet ‘n Shape products, and one of my favorite pages is how they outline all of the uses for the treats, such as mid-afternoon treat, afternoon tea treat, crunchy midnight snack and more. I think that you should get your parents to spend some time perusing that page so that they know all of the times that it is appropriate to give you a treat. Then once you think they have it down, hone your persuasive skills and get them to start following the program.

The next page outlines their ongoing contest to find the most beautiful pet, the cutest, the funniest, and the one who does the best trick in order to get a Pet ‘n Shape treat. I don’t believe that I will be entering the contest, but I’d love to see you all submit your pics and stories.

Now, perk up your ears. . .I have now come to the supreme page for you to focus on ~ the FREE SAMPLE page. When your parents get to that page, start to nuzzle them, and if they don’t get it, whine, and if they still don’t get it. . .bark your head off. Ask them in every possible way to please, please, PLEEAASSSEEE get you a free sample. Otherwise, how are you going to know whether you like the product or not. I love a bargain, and figure that everyone should share in the wealth.

So at the end of the review, I determined that what I thought of at first as a plain little site, is one that is actually beautiful in it’s simplicity. This site is one that offers treats and doesn’t try to mess it up with providing too many services. . . just treats. And for those of you who have a feline friend, they also have some cat treats.

On the 5 paw scale, this site gets:

‘Til next time, Paws Up!

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