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Tonight I started sending emails to middle school language arts teachers to let them know about the Where in the World is Misfit McCabe? project so that they can utilize it in their classes if they would like to. After all, it’s hard to use resources you don’t even know about.

I started with local schools, and by that, I mean schools where I grew up, namely in the Placentia/Yorba Linda area. Hopefully at least one email will spark some interest. What was kind of fun to note was that one of the teachers that I sent a note to taught at the school when I was a student. I do still remember her as well. I never was in her class, but she is still there teaching, although at this point, she is discussing retirement. Or at least it mentions it on her teacher page as she states that she has taught many of the students parents, but would retire before their children had a chance to attend the school.

Tomorrow I’ll have to cast a wider net and keep throwing it out there. I’m trying to get some packages out to schools as well, but figure that it is faster (and far less expensive) to send some information out via email and then for those who express an interest I can send a marketing package out.

All for now – more emails to write.

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