I don’t believe it! It has been over a month since I could even put a paw on the laptop, let alone have a couple minutes to post a blog. Right now, the only reason I have a few minutes is that my Mama is out in the kitchen fixing some tea. It has been terrible. I haven’t been able to surf the net, look for new treats to beg for, or even catch up on all of the dog shows.

My Mama has been working non-stop on her latest project with her book, Misfit McCabe and is just in the process of fully launching it. The problem is that every day she gets a new idea that needs research, or time posting articles elsewhere and I don’t even have a chance to THINK about getting a paw in edgewise.

Actually, the project is pretty neat and I have been giving Mama a few pointers here and there on how to make the whole thing better. It’s nice to know that she does listen to me. What she has done is created 8 special edition versions in hard cover of Misfit McCabe and sent them to someone in different states; California (where we are), Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, and Virginia. The people who receive the books will read them, register on the website, sign the blank pages in the back and put their location and then pass it on to someone else to do the same. She calls the project Where in the World is Misfit McCabe? The website is pretty cool because there is a map to show where all of the books are and all of the places they have been. Plus, there’s lots of interesting facts about the places themselves. And now, thanks to suggestions by me, there are some pictures as well, so everyone can have a “snapshot” visual of where the book is.

Oops – have to go. . . .I hear Mama coming back. ‘Til next time, Paws Up!

PS Next time, I’ll have to share some Elsa stories with you. That pup is sure a character!

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