WITW is MMC? – Norfolk, VA

Once again, not being patient enough to wait, when I heard that Book 8 had arrived in Butler, NJ, I figured that the copy traveling to Norfolk, VA must also have arrived.  This time I had a cohort right by my side kibitzing, and pushing as to whether we should confirm that Misfit McCabe Book 6 (the Teal Line).  It turns out that Patricia had left a message trying to reach us to let us know that the book had arrived, just as we were trying to reach her to ask.  It has been confirmed.  Book 6 (the Teal line) is definitely in Norfolk, VA, home to a great deal of rich United States history.

Below is a picture of a vessel loading in the Norfolk harbor.  (It just happens to be a vessel that is owned and operated by the company that I work for in my day job, so I thougt it a most appropriate picture.)


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