WITW is MMC? – Woodinville, WA

I have fond memories of Woodinville. I was actually in Washington on business, I forget exactly what the purpose was, but I was visiting the office that my company had in Bothell before heading up to our Vancouver office. Since there was a weekend in between, I was able to attend the Annual Fool’s Day Parade, also known as the Basset Bash, in Woodinville. It was fantastic to see all of the basset hounds running, well waddling, around and all of their owners dressed up in all sorts of get ups, because after all it was the Fool’s Day parade.

Every sort of craft imaginable was on display and being sold. I am a sucker for wooden items, and when I saw a wooden ferry boat, I knew I had to get it for my aunt and uncle who live on Whidbey Island. I was actually going to be crossing on the ferry to stop and see them on my way to Vancouver anyway, so it was the perfect time to buy. I also bought a little curio shelf which has some pegs on it, and we currently use that for holding our car keys and the dog leashes.

I should stop reminiscing and tell you why I’m blathering on about Woodinville. Just prior to Christmas, Misfit McCabe made the trip from Snohomish, where it was visiting with my friend Gail (the one who took me to the Basset Bash), to Woodinville. I haven’t heard anything from the book since it left Snohomish, and I’m afraid it may have gotten buried under a snow drift. Just look at this picture from Woodinville after the snow storm they had. I think it qualifies as having a White Christmas.

Woodinville, WA


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