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March 8th signals the start of e-book week. Why is this so important? Well, as technology advances more and more devices are popping up to enable us to read a variety of material outside of the traditional confines of a printed book. While I was preparing my young adult offering, Misfit McCabe, for publication, Amazon.com was introducing the Kindle. I had the Kindle version of Misfit McCabe formatted and available on Amazon.com several months before the printed version got there. Digital publishing is much more immediate than the more traditional printed material. Changes are much easier to make and it allows your work to be much more accessbile.

In addition to the above, e-readers such as the Kindle allow you to carry a vast library around with you for less weight than your average paperback. You have a large variety of reading material at your fingertips.

For people like me, who love to buy and keep books, e-books help solve the ever growing storage problem that I face. A digital bookshelf is so much easier to manage and maintain, then trying to find space for one more bookshelf in the house.  Generally speaking e-books are less expensive than the more traditionally published printed books as well.

To mark my participation in e-book week, I have made Misfit McCabe available in 9 different e-book formats on Smashwords.com and for the duration of e-book week you can purchase a copy for only $2.00, and if you’re not sure, you can view a sample of 50% of the book before you make your decision to buy. 

Whether you read my book or someone else’s, participate in e-book week, by reading an e-book.


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