Smelling the Roses

As I was leaving for work this morning in my usual rush, I went down the steps and rounded the corner to head for the car. All of a sudden after I had just passed them by, the words “take time to smell the roses” popped into my head. And, uncharacteristially, I stopped. What probably triggered that thought was that as I passed by my rosebush of yellow Henry Fonda roses, I noticed that it was lush with dark green leaves and yellow buds were popping out everywhere. So, I put down my laptop case and walked back a couple of steps and smelled the roses. For anyone who does have a Henry Fonda rosebush, you know that the roses are quite fragrant. The buds are a bright sunny yellow with the hint of a pink tip. As they bloom the yellow fades and the pink grows and the fragrance is heavenly. It was definitely worth my while to stop this morning. It was the one moment of pure pleasure that I had from the time I left the house until I returned after a long day of work. Taking that small moment for myself didn’t cost me a thing. It didn’t make my commute any longer, or cost me any time that I could have been doing something else, but it gave me a memory of a morning where the sunshine was starting to peek through the clouds and some glorious roses were there to greet me on my way to face the day. It reminded me that taking time for the simple things in life is something I need to do more often.


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