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I ran across a new method of providing a preview for my book (soon to be books) online. Through fReado there is a beta for a different preview software which gives the look of turning pages and you have the ability to zoom in on the page should you need to. So, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Here is the result:

LK Griffie
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3 Comments on “BookBuzzr Widget”

  1. When I can get around to it, I plan on adding to the Griffie World website and getting it out there on my MySpace and Facebook pages, etc. It’s free (at least it is now), so why not use it?

  2. Hi

    Thnak you for the appreciation for Book Buzzr.
    It great to have you with us.

    Do tell more authors about it… We’d like them all to take advantage of this tool…


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