Thoughts from the Morning Commute – Rooting for Jon Wilhite

jonwilhiteI’ll have to be honest, my first thought this morning as I was driving to work was along the lines of “crap, where has all the time gone. I am so behind with updating my blog.” In trying to get things prepared for the LA Times Festival of Books everything else has been sliding. Of course, I can always say that it was a holiday week as well, but that wouldn’t be the truth. Then my mind slid off my petty little problems of time management (or lack of time management) onto a much more serious issue.

As many of you know, I am a staunch Titan baseball supporter, so the news of the crash with Nick Adenhart, Courtney Stewart, Henry Pearson, along with the only survivor Jon Wilhite, hit me very hard on Friday. My heart goes out to the Adenhart, Stewart, and Pearson families on their loss. It is especially devestating after such a high mark for Nick to have such tragedy follow. My heart aches for the Wilhites who are still in wait and see mode as they wait for the swelling to go down enough for Jon to have surgery, not knowing what the ultimate outcome will be.

Jon is a player who didn’t get a lot of playing time during his tenure as a Titan, never making the roster as a regular starter. Every time he would get in the game, we all rooted him on with all of our might. From my point in the stands, I always want the sometime players to get out there and do fantastic so they can earn some more playing time. And Jon was a player who always gave it his all. So, we rooted for Jon enthusiastically over the course of 4 years.

Hearing that he was in such a tragic crash, and yet survived and was clinging to life, I am once again rooting for Jon Wilhite. I’m rooting for him to win this one. To beat the opponent, a much bigger and scarier opponent than he has ever faced. The road ahead for this young man is a difficult one, but knowing that he carries the Titan spirit and has the support of the Titan community, I am sure that he will prevail.

A trust fund has been set up for Jon to help in defraying the costs incurred. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Jon and his family as he travels the road to recovery.


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