I Wanna Balloon!

One thing that happened at the San Diego Children’s Book Festival, which I forgot to put in my recap of the event had to do with the AuthorsDen booth. As with the Los Angeles Time Festival of Books, Matt and Jackie Miller brought balloons to hand to children who came by the booth. Their sons worked all throughout the festivals blowing the balloons up with the helium tanks and tying the ribbons on. Early on in the day, Jackie had a handful of balloons and was standing outside the booth, hoping to draw attention to the AuthorsDen booth and provide additional exposure for the authors who were conducting signings. Well, one of the festival coordinators stopped by to let them know that an ordinance had recently passed in the city of San Diego banning balloons. It was very strange because while they could not stand outside the booth and hand out balloons, it was ok to have the balloons inside the booth as long as they tied it to something prior to the departure of the balloon (and attached child) prior to leaving the booth. The ironic thing was that Jackie had already tied the loops into the bottom of the ribbons so that when giving the balloon to the child all she had to do was slip the loop over the child’s hand. One of the lessons learned from the LA festival.

I do understand the environmental concerns with balloons escaping into the sky, but what would a childrens event be without balloons? And, it may only be me, but seriously, an ordinance governing balloons? There was one other booth that had balloons and that was the booth making balloon sculptures, so being one of the few places to get a balloon made the AuthorsDen booth very popular throughout the day.

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