Kudos to Mom

Since it’s Mother’s Day and I didn’t get a chance to see my mom today (although I did call and talk with her on the phone) because she’s been sick. And before you go off on how I’m a heartless daughter not to visit her sick mother on Mother’s Day, she didn’t want me to come by. . .really. I have an upcoming procedure in a few weeks, and if I get sick it will have to be postponed. She enjoyed herself by reading Janet Evanovich’s The Naughty Neighbor, chortling to herself about the missing pig. Just the title alone captured her. She read it sitting on her new bench which has a bower that the birds like to perch on. Boy were they surprised to find out someone was actually using the bench. They usually have it all to themselves.

Anyway, back to my mom. I owe, as most of us do, who I am today to my mom. She has been a quirky individualist for most of her life, and she taught me how to think for myself and to go after my dreams. That it was ok if no one else heard the drum I was marching to, but to march to my own beat, only I think she skips to the beat of her drum – marching being too regimental for her. I was not an easy child or teenager (and some think adult), but my mom knew exactly how to handle me to help me reach my potential (ok, I’m still on my way to my potential. . .I don’t know if I’ll ever achieve it because once I conquer something, I’m looking for something new.) She knew that pushing me too hard would have the exact opposite of the desired affect, that unless the motivation came from within it wouldn’t happen. My mom has always been my anchor, not tying me down, but allowing me to soar without fear. She taught me the value of imagination and wonder. She taught me the only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves. She has been my champion and my cheerleader. For all of this, I’d just like to say:

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