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ebookdropOperation eBook Drop began with author and army veteran Edward C Patterson after a chance encounter with a soldier stationed in Iraq who mentioned having a Kindle, but not being able to download any books. Patterson offered to email him all thirteen of his books, and Operation Kindle Book Drop was born. When Smashwords founder Mark Coker learned of Operation Kindle Book Drop, he contacted Ed, who is also a Smashwords author, and put together they put together the concept of Operation eBook Drop.

The way it works is this: If you have a book you’d like to share with the troops and your book is available via Smashwords, you create a 100% off coupon and contact Ed. He sends a list of the troop contacts which have opted to participate in the program and you send emails off to the contacts with a description of your offerings and the coupon code. It couldn’t be simpler. For full details, visit the Smashwords blog.

Being the wife of a former military member, as soon as I learned about Operation eBook Drop I immediately wanted to participate, but wasn’t sure whether my young adult books would be of interest to the troops. I had this vision of a soldier sitting at his post, complete with war sounds of mortars and bullets flying, reading Misfit McCabe and couldn’t quite fathom it. Then I started thinking about the men and women who are overseas and serving our nation. Perhaps Misfit McCabe could give them an opportunity to escape their grim reality and take a mental trip back home. The soldiers might have a child at home, much like Katie McCabe, or they may be reminded in some way of themselves at a younger age. I’ve said for many years that young adult novels are not just for teens, so it was time to step up to the plate and put Misfit McCabe out there. Another reason I thought my young adult offering might spark some interest is it would be a good way for the troops to connect with those left behind. Maybe they do have a teen at home who is missing mom or dad, and they could email them the link and coupon to download the book. I really hope it will be used in this way as well.

When I mentioned my participation in Operation eBook Drop to my husband, Denny, he was skeptical at first, which irritated me until I realized I had the same skepticism initially. Imagine my delight when less than 24 hours after having sent the coupon code out in email to the troops I had my first download from a soldier. Thanks to Wayne Dunlap for making my weekend. Whether you believe we are involved in the war for the right reasons or not, the soldiers who are overseas serving our country are there because they are doing their job. Involvement in this project is a great way to say Thank You to all of the men and women who are daily putting their lives on the line for our freedom. If you don’t have your book available in ebook format through Smashwords, it is a relatively easy process and once available you can participate in Operation eBook Drop. Fellow author, Linda Welch, encouraged me to get involved. Well, what are you waiting for?

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