A Simple Moment

Last night I went to the management Christmas party for work. An informal get-together for the management team which the office director hosts as a thank you for all of the hard work during the year. I won’t get into the reasons as to why it is only the management team and not the entire office, except to say there are valid reasons. It is a fun time to enjoy each other’s company outside of the work environment and not talk about work.

I’m not going to discuss the party other than to say a good time was had by all, but wanted to share a moment which was special to me. The office director has two daughters, one of which is in my target reader age group. She read Misfit McCabe when it was first out and had shared with several of her friends. So, being the season of giving, I brought a copy of the newly released Nowhere Feels Like Home for her to read. She wasn’t there when I arrived, so the book was put in her room. When she did arrive we chatted and I let her know I brought the sequel and her face lit up. As an author I don’t think anything can top the feeling I get when someone is delighted at the thought of reading what I wrote. She even told her parents how excited she was to have something new to read. A simple moment, although brief in duration, will not soon be forgotten. So now, I’m walking on air and have a renewed enthusiasm to get the next book in the series underway. By giving the gift, I got one I can cherish in return.

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  1. Aw! I LOVE that! Definitely the biggest compliment for an author – that someone in their specific readership goal loves their work. Congratulations!! (PS both of your books are on their way from Amazon!! They were supposed to be delivered yesterday, but the weather pretty much made it impossible… SIGH)

    1. It is the best, especially because it was spontaneous and not a polite thank you, but her face literally lit up.

      Hmmph! They didn’t deliver my books just because of a few feet of snow? I’ll have to speak to someone about that. I mean, you could be curled up by the fire reading one now. 😉

  2. That’s very cool, good lady. What a wonderful feeling. Congratulations on seeing first hand the delight you’ve brought to a young reader. 🙂

  3. LOL I’m just hoping they arrive by Tuesday at least… We’re taking a TEN… yes that’s right, ten hour drive to Kentucky for Christmas. I will want some good reads for the trip!!

  4. I can’t wait to understand that feeling! I personally am getting ready for my first book to be published and it’s totally crazy. After almost 5 years of being sick- I really hope my story offers a light of hope and insight to others. Is there by any chance you would be interested in reading my book and offering a review?

    1. Having your first book bound between covers and the ability to hold it in your hands is a heady experience. Congratulations to you. I understand your excitement as you wait. Unfortunately, I am not able to take on reading & reviewing additional books as I have too many other time constraints. I would recommend checking out Twitter and the #amwriting and #amwritingparty hashes as they are frequented by writers and you should be able to connect with someone there to read & review your book.

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