Elsa Stealing My Thunder

Ahem!! I have always been the clothes wearer in the family. And I have to say that I enjoy mine with pink and a little bling. Oh, who am I kidding, I like bling and lots of it. Lately I’ve made sure that Mama has me dressed most of the time because I catch a chill a little easier than I used to. And since I’m sporting my summer-do I have less hair than usual.

Anyway, yesterday Mama came home with some new clothes for me because she had to take off the last dress I had. I’m a little sad about that. It’s a cute little pink summer dress with white trim with pink polka dots, and spaghetti straps with bows on them. Well, those spaghetti straps ended up being the problem. They kept slipping off my shoulders and down on to my front legs. Mama would pull them back up when she noticed, but Papa — he doesn’t notice as well, and I had worn a sore on my leg from the chafing of the strap. Mama noticed I was limping and took care of it right away.

It was just my luck that as soon as she took the dress off, the heat wave we were having descended into a cool spell. So I shivered in the mornings when we went outside. Plus Mama keeps the house cool because she’s always hot. She brought me home two new outfits yesterday. One (that I’m wearing right now) is a cute pink, lightweight with silver sequins on both sides that says Princesses are Always in Style. But the funny thing was that Elsa, after having sniffed both of the dresses, kept stealing the one that I’m not wearing and pulling it on top of her. She really seemed to like it a lot. I think she was jealous because I’m the one who always gets the clothes and she never does.

So today, Mama did the unthinkable and went out and bought a dress just like the one I haven’t even had a chance to wear yet in Elsa’s size. And Elsa has been prancing around ever since. Like she’s the one who has always worn clothes. Mama has been raving over her and telling her how stinkin’ cute she is… where is the fuss about how cute I look in MY shirt??? I think it’s the tutu that Elsa loves the most. I mean, what’s not to love… it is hot pink. And she does look cute in it, but really, does she have to be such a ham?



All for now. Until next time. Paws Up!

Copyright 2011 © Phoenix with a helping paw from Gryphon and a distracting paw from Elsa

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10 Comments on “Elsa Stealing My Thunder”

    1. ROFL!!! Yes. I can just see myself prancing around in a hot pink mini tutu skirt. 😀 I think I’ll leave it to my furry friends to sport the cute dresses.

    1. I have tried to get Phoenix comfortable with wearing hats, but she categorically refuses. She’s not even swayed by the amount of bling in a tiara…which says volumes. And a tiara with Elsa would soon become this mangled piece of wire missing bling.

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