Refreshing the Site


I am very excited to share my completely redesigned main website, Several months ago, my site was viciously attacked by bots who spammed the internet with links for shoes and handbags and who knows what else. Shortly thereafter, it was under siege by the internet again, only this time by robo-programs from all over the world trying to login and cause more disruption. When it hit the point where I’d finish up a full work day and come home and spend most of my night blocking IP addresses from access, I decided it was time to shut things down for a while. And I’ve been so tied up with other tasks that I haven’t had the opportunity to get the site back up and running.

Many thanks to my friend, M. Patrick Duggan, for lending a hand and getting the base site setup and giving me a framework in which to play. Since I have more ideas than I have time to execute, there are still more items to come, but I wanted to show off the new look. 🙂 I am just happy to have a full site and not just a single page stating “Under Construction”.

I am also looking forward to sharing news on the writing front soon. While things have been quiet on the blog, I’ve been working diligently on several projects I will be talking about in the near future. Until then, hop on over to and check things out.

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