We May Be In Trouble …


We may be in trouble folks. Sergio has figured out that newborn size clothes fit him and he is so stinkin’ cute I cannot stop laughing. I have a Lee Middleton doll, new born size, I’ve had for years and have a few outfits for her. One night, in the middle of the night, it dawned on me that she and Sergio were close in size … and the damage was done. I had to try the jack-o’-lantern outfit on him for size.

Discovering that he can wear newborn clothes during Halloween month when costumes abound has been very bad on my wallet. But there have been way too many cute outfits for me to pass up. Not only that, but Sergio has insisted on having some of the outfits for his adventures. I may have created a monster. But who would have expected a sloth to be a clothes horse?

The funny thing to me is that the favorite part of the outfit is the beret. Sergio feels all suave and sophisticated wearing a beret and would like one in black to match his eyes. There is no hope of going back in time and convincing him that he is like a house elf and should cringe at the mention of clothes. Where IS that time turner when you need it???

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