First Steps

img_20161007_181151Luna started having meltdowns and I was clueless as to what the problem was until Sergio helped out. Apparently she has developed a fear that because Sergio can climb trees and she’s afraid of heights that she won’t be able to go on any adventures with him. As usual when it comes to Luna, it is Sergio to the rescue.

First he told her that he promised never to go where she cannot. But she thinks he might forget, so Sergio came up with a plan. He’s going to teach Luna not to be afraid of climbing trees. One baby step at a time.

So they trooped outside to the porch and Sergio grasped the railing and let his feet dangle. Then he told Luna it was her turn. Next thing I know, she’s giggling and he’s swaying lightly as he sings silly songs.

Luna proudly told me she wasn’t afraid to hang from the porch railing. I think that may have to do with her knees being firmly on the concrete below, but first steps are first steps. It will be interesting to see how this goes.

Sergio said he can hang there for hours … and he does miss hanging upside down from a tree limb because he does his best thinking that way.

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