Turkey Sloth?

Being someone who loves to decorate, Thanksgiving has always been the little snack between Halloween and Christmas as holidays go. And I truly enjoy the reflective nature of this holiday. I’ll be candid — I’m not celebrating the Pilgrims and Indians sitting down in harmony celebrating survival of a rough winter. Instead I choose to celebrate this as an annual reminder of how truly blessed I am because I have so much to be thankful for.

sergiothanks1Sergio is trying to get the hang of this holiday and wanted to see how things felt as a turkey at Thanksgiving time because the bird is so iconic for the holiday. I don’t think he understands the bird is dinner. He is joyfully expecting a heaping plate of fresh red mangrove leaves. His favorite.

And somehow, he has gotten a hold of the idea that Thanksgiving involves shopping for footballs. When I explained the holiday really meant taking stock of your life and what you are thankful for he said that was easy. He is thankful for Luna and her wonderful imagination, and for the adventures they get to go on, he’s thankful for long arms to hug with, hanging out with friends, and the tastiness of red mangrove leaves.

I’d guess I’d better go find some of those leaves.



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