Sloth on a Shelf – Day 10

After communing with flat Santa, Sergio was a bit despondent. While he was happy that Luna and he were on the Nice list, he still felt he was no closer to finding the non-flat Santa. The look on his face broke my heart. In the place of his usual goofy grin was such a forlorn expression, it looked as if he had never smiled before in his life. Poor little guy. He had been trying so hard to find Santa, but felt like all his efforts were for naught. He shuffled over to the bookcase and crawled to the top.

Sergio: Maybe if I sit here on the shelf like an elf is supposed to, I’ll be able to figure out how to contact Santa. He scratched behind his ear. I thought about applying for a job at the North Pole. This time of year, I expect Santa can use all the elf help he can get … but I couldn’t leave Luna, and she wouldn’t want to be in a strange place with a lot of strangers — even if it IS Santa’s workshop. He sighed and glanced to his left. A smile crept across his face. I can ask the Angel. She’ll know how to reach Santa!

Sergio jumped up and trotted across the top of the bookcase to where the Angel stood. She took his hand and the wall behind them dissolved into a starry night sky and the bookcase became a snowy mountaintop.

Angel: Do you see all the stars God has put in the heavens?
Sergio nodded.
They are there to help people navigate through life. Santa uses them to find his way for Christmas
With shining eyes, Sergio took a deep breath, then his head drooped and shoulders slumped.
Sergio: But knowing Santa uses the stars doesn’t help me find him to ask for Luna’s miracle.
Angel: The stars are his guide for bringing the gift of Christmas spirit to the world. Have faith and you will find your guide to bring Luna her joy.

The Angel released Sergio’s hand and the stars became the wall and the bookcase was once again made out of wood. Sergio ran to the side of the bookcase and slid down the cover.
Sergio: I have to go find Luna and tell her everything is going to be okay. I will have a guide … like a star … to help me find Santa.

And just like that, Sergio’s happiness had been restored.

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