Sloth on a Shelf – Day 2

img_20161010_172956Here we go, folks… Sergio saw an elf ornament in an ad so he ran outside and climbed up into the tree. He does enjoy hanging out in that tree. He even wanted to go out and climb it when it was raining…

Anyway, Sergio told me he wants to help Luna adjust to being around people better. And he heard that Christmas is a magical time and Santa Claus gives gifts and the next thing I know he’s jumping up and down and waving his arms in the air, shouting, “Eureka!” Um, what? Sergio has decided that all he has to do is find Santa and tell him what gift to give Luna and it will be a done deal.

I have to love his heart and how much he loves Luna. He would do anything to help make her feel more comfortable in a group setting because he knows that she wants more than anything in the world to fit in as one of the group at school. And she knows she doesn’t. And no amount of telling her how special she is has changed her opinion.

So Sergio figured if he were outside hanging in the tree dressed as an elf, that Santa would see him as the sleigh went over and would stop for a chat. He even snuck a few of Rin’s carrots out there with him for the reindeer.

Poor little guy was completely heartbroken when I explained that Santa didn’t come until December 24th and today was only December 2nd. He wanted to know whether Santa would like it that he was an elf ornament in the tree. I told him I’m sure Santa would have been quite amused. He climbed down and has been pacing around muttering to himself about how he can capture Santa’s attention before the 24th.


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