Sloth on a Shelf – Day 3

img_20161010_154950When I came downstairs this morning, I was greeted by the sight of Sergio standing at attention on my day job desk … all dressed up in his elf regalia. When I blinked twice … or maybe three times, he said, “Sergio, the sloth-elf ready to work.” I reminded him that as today was Saturday, I would not be working on the computer downstairs.

I don’t think he liked my answer because he immediately pointed out that the house was not yet decorated for Christmas. And while he is right I don’t have the house fully decorated as yet, I do have some lights up and one tree … and of course, a sloth dressed as the cutest stinkin’ elf who is running all over the place.

He’s about beside himself because he is certain that if the house is not fully decorated for Christmas complete with a train running around the ceiling, Santa will pass us by and he’ll never get a chance to talk with him. Have you ever seen a hysterical sloth? Nothing short of promising to get out some decorations would calm him down.

He told me that he doesn’t want Santa to hear of him not working. When I again pointed out the fact that it was indeed Saturday, he had his argument ready. santas-workshopHe told me that he’s pretty sure that elves have to work every day of December … otherwise the toys for the children won’t be done in time. I cannot argue with his inescapable logic. The elves are probably working overtime about now.

I asked Sergio what he wanted for Christmas … since he was going to be chatting with Santa and all. He looked at me with his big dark eyes and the most serious expression I’ve ever seen, and said, “All I want for Christmas is for Luna to be happy.” I cannot help but smile. This little guy warms my heart with the true spirit of Christmas.

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