Sloth on a Shelf – Day 5

sergioquestSergio informed me that HE would be the one to put the star on the tree and no other. Because the STAR would light the way for Santa to find us. I assured him that with ALL the lights we now had throughout the house, there wasn’t a chance Santa could miss us. I dare say that if I opened the blinds while the lights were on, the moon would be lit by our house alone. But elf Sergio has his own logic … he informed me that the star was an incredibly important part of the Christmas tradition because without the North Star, the Wise Men would never have found baby Jesus, and if they didn’t find Jesus, then we wouldn’t be able to celebrate Christmas because they wouldn’t have been able to give Mary and Joseph the gifts to help them get away from King Herod.

I offered to lift him up so he could place it on top of the tree, but he refused saying he had to make the journey himself. Without help … not even a ladder. By this time Luna was quite agitated. She didn’t want Sergio to get hurt by climbing so high (the tree is only six feet tall). As always, Sergion made Luna his first concern. He brought her a chair to sit in so she could watch him every moment. And he promised to climb slowly.

Do you know what it means when a SLOTH promises to move slow???

I figure we might have the star on the tree by Christmas. He moves an inch, stops and tells Luna all about the lights on the tree, then moves another inch. Repeat.

By the way, I’m looking for the folks who did the Star War themed light show as their outdoor Christmas decorations. While it is incredible and amazing, they have NO IDEA the impact on a young, impressionable, Santa-obsessed sloth-elf. If you haven’t seen it, the video is below, and once viewed, you’ll understand what I mean.

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