Sloth on a Shelf – Day 7

sergiobabysantaAfter the BIG adventure of scaling the HUGE six foot Christmas tree, Sergio decided he needed to follow the footsteps of the Wise Men and seek out the baby.
Me: (Trying to keep a straight face) You’re going to travel to Bethlehem to find the baby Jesus?
Sergio: Don’t be ridiculous. Jesus would be all grown up by now and really, really old if the priests like Caiaphas hadn’t demanded Pontius Pilate have his soldiers nail Jesus to a cross. He died, you know.
Me: Yes. It was very sad that people had to hate so much because they were afraid of someone who only meant them good.

Sergio sat for a few moments, lost in thought, his furry brow wrinkled, while I watched the gears spinning behind his big, dark eyes. After a few minutes, he scratched behind his ear, knocking his hat a little cockeyed.
Sergio: I’m confused though … I can’t figure it out.
Me: Since he wasn’t telling me. What?
Sergio:Well (he drew the word out) Jesus came back from the dead …
I opened my mouth to respond, but Sergio continued.
Sergio:That part I get. It’s like a bear hibernating in a cave and sleeping like the dead. They never said whether he was well-rested, though.
I could just imagine a sermon given by Sergio at Easter time and the reaction of the parishioners. And after Jesus hibernated in the cave and woke from his nap, he rolled away the stone …
Sergio: But they also never said he died again … just that he ascended into heaven.
His eyes grew shiny and a smile lit his face.
I know! Santa came by in his sleigh and picked Jesus up and took him off to the North Pole because it was closer to heaven.

Me: Desperately trying to bring the conversation back on track before I laughed hysterically — I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. So if you’re not looking for baby Jesus, then what baby are you seeking out?
Sergio: The angel baby, Angelica!

Next thing I knew, he scampered up the stairs and crawled up next to Angelica in the bed. When I followed him into the room, Sergio grinned.
Sergio: Since Angelica is a baby and Christmas is about finding the baby, Santa will know I’m trying to reach him when he finds out I’ve been spending time with the best baby in the house. Besides, she’s dressed like Saint Nicholas, so that has to earn me extra points!

I just shook my head. What can you do with a sloth elf, except enjoy the ride.

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