7th Grade Revolution: The Dungeon

As much as I loved weaving in the actual occurrence at the Exploris Middle School, I knew I’d have to leave the regular school scene behind and launch into complete fiction part of the story. Only I wasn’t exactly sure how to make it happen. I knew I needed to segregate the 7th Grade from the rest of the school, but the teachers were present in their role as media. Once again, the @7thGradeRevolt Tweet stream gave me the answer. “Meeting begins in the Red Room: ‘representatives only’ we were told.” If the kids had a secret ballot vote, they would ban the media. 🙂

At this point in the story, I knew the school had a basement and it became clear that there was an auditorium in the basement the kids had dubbed the Dungeon because it was underground and had no windows. THIS was the perfect setting for the secret ballot vote.

One thing I had NO DOUBTS about … if you take an entire 7th Grade class and put them in a room with no supervision, there would be LOTS of noise, kids goofing off, groups of kids chatting … The scene from 7th Grade Revolution:

Selena and her clique stood in the corner chatting, as far from the noise as possible, and ignored the rest of the class. Tommy and Michael gripped their signs at the top and used them as swords. They lunged and smacked the shafts against each other. Trent arm-wrestled James, while a crowd stood around rooting them on. Spencer drummed against a chair back while he beatboxed for his groupies. At the front, Maddie, Curtis, and Ellen had their heads together. They huddled, probably to hear one another over the noise.

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