7th Grade Revolution: The Generator

When there is a standoff, opponents will look for ways to weaken their opposition without a show of force. In 7th Grade Revolution, the students are inside the school, and the FBI is outside. The FBI is under orders not to create a situation which would bring scrutiny to their activities, and they don’t want to go in with a show of force. At the same time, they want the 7th Graders OUT of the school.

A standard tactic used in this type of situation is to cut off the water and power supply. Especially as they believe the kids to be in the basement, where there would be no light source, and they don’t think the 7th Graders will last long in the dark. But before they have a chance to cut off the water and power, Dennis leads a team to find the generator …

     The generator was set to auto start when the power failed. Hmmm. If it switched on automatically, would the FBI find a way to cut it off too? Maybe they should start it when they needed it.
     Dennis stretched his index finger toward the switch. An eighth of an inch away, he paused, finger hovering. If the FBI cut the power, he’d have to find his way back here in the dark to turn the generator on. He shuddered.
     “That’s the right switch.” Charlene’s breath gusted against his earlobe.
     “Argh.” He jumped and his knuckle grazed the panel.
     “Just push it to the left.”
     “Geez, Charlene. Do you have to stand right behind me?” He took a deep breath and slowly released it.

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