7th Grade Revolution: The Outside Threat

One of the important elements for 7th Grade Revolution was the banding together of the entire grade to stand fast against an outside threat.

Group dynamics have always fascinated me. The internal structure, the jockeying for power, the outcasts … each person plays their role. The role can change for each person depending on the circumstances and the group. While there may be fighting inside a group, when an outside force threatens, one of the most instinctive things usually occurs … the group closes ranks against the outsiders.

Pack mentality kicks in. It’s like what happens in families where siblings can pick on one another mercilessly, but let someone else attack one of their own and they are ready to fight. By banding together against a potential antagonist, you increase your chances for survival. So after having the secret ballot vote, when the 7th Grade emerges from the Dungeon and finds the school is empty and there are strange men outside, the kids immediately band together against the outsiders. The kids definitely see the outsiders as a threat — hanging around outside their school, the rest of the school, both teachers and students are gone. They are ready to defend their school, but first they needed to know something about the strangers outside, so Dennis uses his modified and enhanced scanner app to pick up the stranger’s frequency.

     Brooke broke the silence. “Do you think we’re in danger? I mean, if they evacuated the rest of the school, shouldn’t we get out of here?”
     “No.” The word burst from Rhonda’s mouth. “There is no danger. You heard Light-voice. There’s something in our school they want. And they want to search for it without anyone else knowing.” She nodded toward the cell phone. “It sounds like Light-voice is in charge, but Gravel-man is the onsite guy. Can you find them again?”
     Dennis fiddled with the app and tried to find the new frequency. Light-voice and Gravel-man were good descriptions. Had the strangers jumped channels because they knew the seventh grade was tapping in? The thought made a shiver run up his spine. Who were they anyway?

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