7th Grade Revolution: The Power of Paracord

The character of Dennis in 7th Grade Revolution definitely has some untold stories in his past — which for now, remain untold. For example, his shark tooth necklace. I’m dying to know the story behind the shark’s tooth, because it holds a meaning for Dennis and has become his worry stone. Maybe one of these days he’ll tell me the story behind it. If he does, I think we’ll probably have another book 😉

Out of the entire 7th Grade, only Rhonda recognized the necklace for what it was … paracord. Why is paracord such a big deal? It’s a thin rope that is tested up to 550 pounds, it can be braided into a necklace or bracelet, so you can carry the rope hands-free. You can use it to tie up gear, help make a shelter. The inner core has seven strands which can be pulled out individually and can be used as fishing line, or for sutures, or even to mend fabric. From first aid, to food, to hauling gear, or even to enable a homemade torch to be lowered into a hole, paracord is the beginning of a mini survival kit that can be worn.

     Rhonda slipped a small knife out of her sock. Dennis felt his eyebrows rise. She carried a knife? A bitty ol’ penknife, but still, it surprised him.
     “Let me have the torch.” She turned it upside down. “Maddie, can you douse some cloth in water and wrap it around the post?”
     “Sure.” Maddie bustled off.
     Rhonda bored a hole toward the end of the stick. “Take your necklace off.”
     “Your paracord necklace. Hand it over.”
     “Trying to be fashionable, Snodgrass? Day late”—Spencer sneered at Dennis—“and several dollars short.”

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