Sloth on a Shelf – Day 6

Well folks, he did it. Sergio was one HAPPY sloth-elf when he reached the top of the tree and crowned it with the star. Luna screamed when Sergio raised his arms in triumph. She was certain he would fall and be severely injured. He reminded her that his legs were still tightly wrapped around the tree trunk and he had … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 5

Sergio informed me that HE would be the one to put the star on the tree and no other. Because the STAR would light the way for Santa to find us. I assured him that with ALL the lights we now had throughout the house, there wasn’t a chance Santa could miss us. I dare say that if I opened … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 4

Apparently I do not have enough lights strewn through the house. I caught my little sloth scamp, Sergio, in the stairwell trying to untangle a huge strand of lights … 328 feet of lights to be exact. And while I say he was trying to untangle them, I think the only thing he was doing was tying himself up with … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 3

When I came downstairs this morning, I was greeted by the sight of Sergio standing at attention on my day job desk … all dressed up in his elf regalia. When I blinked twice … or maybe three times, he said, “Sergio, the sloth-elf ready to work.” I reminded him that as today was Saturday, I would not be working … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 2

Here we go, folks… Sergio saw an elf ornament in an ad so he ran outside and climbed up into the tree. He does enjoy hanging out in that tree. He even wanted to go out and climb it when it was raining… Anyway, Sergio told me he wants to help Luna adjust to being around people better. And he … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 1

As the holiday season rolls into December, all sorts of traditions come to light, whether based on religion or not. I love the holiday time … all the decorations and lights give me an extra spring in my step and joy in my heart. I celebrate Christmas, am a believer in the spirit of Santa Claus and the magic of … Read More

Riding the Rail

These days I never know what Sergio is going to get up to. Imagine my surprise when I hear him yelling, “Wheeeee!” and I hurry out on the landing to find him sliding down the banister in slow motion, as only a pygmy three-toed sloth can, while Luna anxiously rocked on the landing waiting for him to arrive. Once he … Read More

A CinderElla Tail – Cover Reveal

About a week ago, my literary manager, Italia Gandolfo, told me she had a surprise for me, but I’d have to wait until the end of the week. I happen to love surprises and enjoy the anticipation. I have a friend who said something like that would drive her crazy, she has to know right away, but for me thinking … Read More

Turkey Sloth?

Being someone who loves to decorate, Thanksgiving has always been the little snack between Halloween and Christmas as holidays go. And I truly enjoy the reflective nature of this holiday. I’ll be candid — I’m not celebrating the Pilgrims and Indians sitting down in harmony celebrating survival of a rough winter. Instead I choose to celebrate this as an annual … Read More

Timmy and the Golden Lion Tamarin Cover

Just a quick post because I have never had a chance to share the cover for Timmy and the Golden Lion Tamarin, the first book in the guardian angel animal series, though I have shared Rin. Timmy and Rin is a project very close to my heart. I work with an amazing team to bring the stories to life. I … Read More

Hanging Around

Sergio is on a quest to calm Luna down about his ability to climb trees. For the past couple days they’ve been hanging from the porch rail to give Luna a chance to get used to clinging to a wooden object. Today Sergio decided he should show Luna how safe it was for him to cling to the tree just … Read More

First Steps

Luna started having meltdowns and I was clueless as to what the problem was until Sergio helped out. Apparently she has developed a fear that because Sergio can climb trees and she’s afraid of heights that she won’t be able to go on any adventures with him. As usual when it comes to Luna, it is Sergio to the rescue. … Read More