The Love Hate Relationship

I have a love / hate relationship with my editing software. I go through and do all of my edits, do a read through, and when I think things are in good shape, I bring out the evil editing software. I call it evil S.

Don’t Buy My Books

This is how I felt when I heard this morning that had a book available for sale on Kindle that goes against the grain of moral and ethical decency.

Book Store Grand Opening

With the advent of Halloween, the holiday season is upon us and another year is winding quickly to a close. I have FINALLY done what I should have done ages ago and added the ability to purchase books directly from my website.

Misfit McCabe Series – Book 3

Whoa!! Where did the time go?? Here I’ve been minding my own business working away on book 3 of the Misfit McCabe series, getting a start on book 4….

A Simple Moment

Last night I went to the management Christmas party for work. An informal get-together for the management team which the office director hosts as a thank you for all of the hard work during the year.