Where in the World is Misfit McCabe?

I briefly mentioned Where in the World is Misfit McCabe? in my last post and I thought now would be a good time to elaborate a little more on the concept and what I expect to accomplish with this project. I normally am an inveterate book keeper and re-reader.  Books are like friends and I enjoy reading an old favorite … Read More

The Book has Launched

Today was a red letter day for me. A long awaited copy of Misfit McCabe has finally shipped. I will be getting the copy next week and will have the first hard bound edition in my hot little hands. What makes this one so special? The completion of the production process on this special edition book marks the beginning of … Read More

Coming Attraction

I have been quite tied up lately with a new project that I have been working on for Misfit McCabe and as a result, I haven’t had as much time to devote to the writing process or to keep up with you here on this blog. I am getting very close to the launch of my latest idea, so will … Read More

Misfit McCabe Goes to the Library

Today a co-worker, Mary Ellen, and I went over to the Cerritos Library during our lunch hour. Our goal was to try and see whether or not we could get the library to agree to stock Misfit McCabe on their shelves. If you happen to live in the area, the Cerritos Library is definitely worth a look. I could have stayed … Read More

Finally on track . . .or not

Well, it has been a little bit of a technical curve, but I think we are finally on track. The first poll that I posted unfortunately lost the ability to accept votes. I hate when that happens, so I have reposted the poll and things are working much better now. Ok – Murphy has been hanging around waaaayy too much … Read More

Vote for your Favorite

I have just completed making some book trailers to help promote my YA novel, Misfit McCabe and I am looking for some people to look at the book trailers and then vote for their favorite one. The winner of the vote will then be posted to YouTube, YVideo, etc. Along with that, if you leave any comments of what you … Read More

Book Trailer Completed

Well, it has been a fun few days putting together the book trailer for Misfit McCabe and I think I have it finished. I am giving it a little time to settle in, to make sure I don’t want to do 25 more edits to it before posting it on YouTube, YVideo, etc. I have posted the trailer to Griffie … Read More

A Labor Day Break

With today being part of a holiday weekend, I really didn’t get to accomplish much today in the way of writing, marketing, etc. I’ve mulled over some ideas, but that has been about the extent of things.

Book Trailer or bust

Today has been about the book trailer. I have been searching for what I want to use and developing the concept. I have found the pictures that I want to use and have a part of the concept developed. I am now trying out various software to assist me in putting the trailer together. I ran into a little bit … Read More

Being Compared to Judy Blume

I am drifting on a cloud. . . my work has been compared to Judy Blume. Now, that may not seem like a big thing to some, but I remember a time when Judy Blume was THE author for young adult books, when the concept of young adult was in its infancy. I have just received a review of my … Read More

Joining Facebook

I joined my first social networking site today – FaceBook. So far, I am finding it a little frustrating, because they categorize groups and finding friends in a different manner than I would and the search functionality to me is a little cumbersome. Other than that, we will see. My reason for joining was that Flamingnet.com, the young adult review … Read More

Developing a Book Trailer for Misfit McCabe

I have been doing my homework today and looking up book trailers on YouTube as I try to develop a book trailer for Misfit McCabe. A book trailer is a very good tool for marketing and in today’s publishing environment, pretty much a requirement. I haven’t started the process for obtaining all of the pictures that I want to use, … Read More