Lesson Learned

Last weekend was rough one. It always is when the universe hands you a lesson. Although, in this case, I kind of begged for the lesson … without realizing it. My current work in progress (WIP) is something that came to me four years ago. I have been in love with the concept from the moment it came to me, … Read More

YWS: The Writing Environment – Part II

This is the second of three posts focusing on 8 tips for the writing environment. In order to help you do your best writing, you have to know what it is that helps you focus on the writing.

YWS: The Writing Environment – Part I

Since I am getting ready to start working on some new material, I thought it would be a good time to share with you some of the things that are important to determine before you begin writing. In order to help you do your best writing, you have to know what it is that helps you focus on the writing.

Tips for Young Writers

A few years back … *checks calendar* Wow! Time flies when you’re busy writing.

Chat At the Muzeo

I know it’s a Monday, and good things usually avoid Monday like the plague, but I had a happy email today and wanted to share it. Sooooo….

Writing Process Blog Tour

This is a travelling blog tour that pops up every Monday for writers to share a little about what, how and why they write.

Time To Announce…

I have been seeking agent representation for a while. My process has been slow because making sure I had the right fit is very important, and I’ve had a few other life events which have taken my focus. I’ve had an agent for my work in the past, but things didn’t work out like I’d hoped because while she loved … Read More

The Big C and Me

I recently went to the doctor because I knew there was something not functioning correctly. Sure enough, I had a flare up of diverticulitis. So armed with antibiotics and the doctor’s instructions to stay on clear liquids for the week, I returned home to battle it off. With the number of times I’ve had to do clear liquids, you’d think it’d get easier. It doesn’t. Then I returned after a week for the re-check and to review the blood results … and had a bit of a surprise waiting for me.

A Big THANK YOU to Jillian Dodd

I had the great pleasure to be part of a promotional effort just prior to Christmas organized by Jillian Dodd. Jillian had an idea to gather 99 authors together to join forces to promote 99 books all for 99 cents. Jillian’s plan not only included step-by-step instructions for developing a plan for marketing, sample tweets & Facebook posts, but she also planned to include fabulous prizes for bloggers who helped to spread the word as well as readers. It was a WIN-WIN-WIN experience for all involved.

Hard Candy Christmas

When the song Hard Candy Christmas first hit the charts, I didn’t understand the lyrics. I grew up having hard candy for Christmas and the ribbon candy in particular always brought good memories of Christmases past. And initially I thought the song was calling hard candy at Christmas cheap and a sign of hard times. In a way it is, but over the years, I’ve learned it says so much more than that.

Zombie Survival Crew Undead Uncensored Cover Reveal

What the heck am I doing revealing a cover for a zombie book? Good question. I was abducted by this renegade group called the Zombie Survival Crew … Please send help! … and pressed into service with getting this book ready to hit the market. And somehow got roped into creating the cover we’re revealing today. Here is the official announcement:

Courting an Agent

When I made the decision to seek agent representation for some of my work, I started to do the necessary homework. Looking up agencies who handled the types of stories I have in the works, reading about various agents based on interviews, keeping my ear to the ground to hear the scuttlebutt on Twitter, listening to agents in various chats, online forums, looking them up in the various platforms designed to assist the struggling writer in making their selections, etc.