Winners of the Tattered Blog Tour

I had a blast on the Tattered tour, and I think those who made it through all of the stops had a great time too. But now it has come to an end. After the holidays, I’m going to come up with some more promotional things to help get the word out about Tattered, but until then, I hope you visit all the stops, even though the prizes are gone and learn more about Katie McCabe and other characters in Tattered!!

Tattered Blog Tour

The time has FINALLY come for me to get Tattered off my hard drive and send it on its way into the world. I am very excited about this for a few reasons. One — I don’t care what book it is, DONE is a beautiful word.

Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Going MIA

Ok, with today being Saturday, I didn’t technically commute anywhere, but I do have some thoughts that came to me while I was relaxing this morning, trying to get ready to face the day. I looked back at all of my sites and realized that all of a sudden I appeared to drop off the face of the earth.