Thankful for Cash Giveaway

Thankful for Cash $250 Giveaway November 15th to December 15th Could you use an extra $250 this holiday season? Here is your chance!! The winner of this giveaway will receive $250 in Paypal Cash or a $250 Gift Card.   Giveaway Details $250 in Paypal Cash or a $250 eGift Card Ends 12/15/17 Open only to those who … Read More

Winners of the Tattered Blog Tour

I had a blast on the Tattered tour, and I think those who made it through all of the stops had a great time too. But now it has come to an end. After the holidays, I’m going to come up with some more promotional things to help get the word out about Tattered, but until then, I hope you visit all the stops, even though the prizes are gone and learn more about Katie McCabe and other characters in Tattered!!

Tattered Blog Tour

The time has FINALLY come for me to get Tattered off my hard drive and send it on its way into the world. I am very excited about this for a few reasons. One — I don’t care what book it is, DONE is a beautiful word.

Tour of Secrets Contest

I love book releases. There is something special about all of the efforts the author made finally coming together and having them share their inspiration with the world. And the release of a debut novel is even more special. Knowing the writer is finally seeing the end product and is sharing something so intimate with the world for the first time. Because the book writing process is an intimate one and I know from personal experience, the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the process.

The Challenge: 140 Characters – One Pitch

I had just finished up my Middle Grade novel, polished it up and sent it off on a request when I saw something floating past in my Twitter stream. I snatched it up quick before it ran too far down river and here’s what I found. Shelley Watters (@Shelley_Watters) reached some milestones, 100 followers on her blog and 500 twitter followers, and she felt like celebrating.

Pearson Prize Teen Choice Award

Back in November last year, I received an email invitation to participate in the Pearson Prize Book Award contest from the Learning For a Cause Organization. I’ll admit, I was a little puzzled at first because I had not heard of this organization prior to receiving the email, and didn’t know how they would have heard of me.

What Can be Cuter than Your Dog’s Face?

The other night, I was amazed as I watched my Mama bring up a site which she was led to by visiting one of the message boards that she frequents. This site was a contest for the cutest dog’s face and my picture was not entered. The criteria for entry was that the dog in question (moi) live in the … Read More