Parents Who Host, Lose The Most

‘Tis the Season… for Graduation parties, summer get-togethers, relaxing camping weekends, and more. During these celebratory and relaxing times, we may also relax our guard a bit. It’s normal. We don’t want to always be the one saying “No.”

Takeimi’s Legacy

A couple of weeks ago Takeimi Rao was looking forward to starting high school, or at least that’s what I’d expect from a straight A student. But last week, during a slumber party all her dreams of what she was going to do with her life came to an end.

Alcohol and Death: Something to think about

This is a picture of Samuel Hayes. He died last week, probably because he had too much to drink. He was sixteen-years-old, only a couple years older than me. I didn’t know Samuel. We don’t live in the same town, but his story hit me hard. He looks like a nice guy, and sixteen is too young to die.