I Wanna Balloon!

One thing that happened at the San Diego Children’s Book Festival, which I forgot to put in my recap of the event had to do with the AuthorsDen booth. As with the Los Angeles Time Festival of Books, Matt and Jackie Miller brought balloons to hand to children who came by the booth. Their sons worked all throughout the festivals blowing the balloons up with the helium tanks and tying the ribbons on. Early on in the day, Jackie had a handful of balloons and was standing outside the booth, hoping to draw attention to the AuthorsDen booth and provide additional exposure for the authors who were conducting signings.

The Trip to San Diego

The day dawned gloomy and overcast. After the mini-heat wave which gave us a taste of the summer weather to come, we were glad to have a bit of a chill in the air. After loading the car up, Denny and I headed out to make the 80 mile drive down to the San Diego Children’s Book Festival. I, for one, was hoping the weather would stay a little on the chilly side. A little gloom never hurt anyone, and I tend to melt in the heat. As we were approaching San Diego, horror of horrors, precipitation was falling out of the sky and landing on my windshield. I didn’t want the weather to be that gloomy.

Signing Times Received

This is going to be a very short post to let everyone know the times I will be conducting signings at the San Diego Children’s Book Festival. I will be signing from 10:00 – 10:30 and then again from 15:00 – 15:30 (3 – 3:30 PM for those of you who have difficult with military time). So, I will pretty … Read More

LA Times Festival of Books – Day 2

Day 2 of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books continued what day 1 had started. The sheer volume of people was incredible. When Denny and I took a stroll throughout the entire campus to see what the festival had to offer, we were in awe. The children’s book area in particular was a mad house. For A Whale of … Read More

LA Times Book Festival ~ Day 1

The day was absolutely gorgeous. Sunlight streamed down from blue skies and the air remained cool from the breeze that blew through the campus. We could not have asked for better weather to join several thousand visitors and exhibitors on the UCLA campus today, to celebrate the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Denny and I arrived just shortly after … Read More